Elspeth Schieffelin

Massage is not only a relaxation tool, it is a way in which the facilitation of health can be promoted. This not only happens on a physical level but an emotional and mental level as well. Elspeth takes life very seriously knowing that it is a gift. She knows that enjoying something that is healing can go a very long way. She finds it a privilege and honor to be able to help those that find massage a useful tool in paying attention to life and taking care of their bodies.

Elspeth realizes that massage is best known for relaxation. One of her goals is to educate each client that massage is so much more. With the multiple modalities that are offered very specific conditions, or even sets of complaints, can be addressed. “The human body is quite remarkable to be able to withstand multiple conditions. Taking this into consideration it is wise for me to meet each of these with a tool that would most effectively alleviate and heal it”.

Choosing what kind of massage you want to best take care of your body is important. Thankfully Elspeth is here to help you along. She will ask you a series of questions so that you can receive the best of care. However, it is beneficial for the client to know what the techniques are used for. Below is a brief description to make choosing a technique easier.

Swedish- If you are stressed and needing to relax and leave the massage feeling rejuvenated.

Deep Tissue- If you want a deeper massage to help your muscles relax. You will leave the massage feeling full body relief.

Neuromuscular- If you have chronic pain in a specific area that you want alleviated and healed. You will leave the massage feeling the benefits in that specific area.

Sports- If you have tight muscles that need to be relaxed and stretched. You will leave the massage feeling looser and rejuvenated.

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