Lana Heller

Lana Heller, Naturopath, Certified Nutritional Therapist, has studied and practiced clinical nutrition, and functional and energetic balancing since 2001. Inspired by her desire to help people Lana found herself heading towards a career in the natural medicine field. Initially on a path towards a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she came across naturopathic medicine and nutrition field and knew immediately that it was her true calling. After becoming a Certified Nutritional Therapist with extensive training in the field of functional medicine, she interned for several years with Dr. Steve Colton, the founder of Alternative Naturopathic Center while completing her Naturopathic Degree from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. She graduated and began her own practice at ANC utilizing her diverse educational background and experience to truly focus on root causes and issues of the health imbalances of people seeking help. Lana also taught Western Nutrition and Nutritional Disease Management at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, CO and Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver until demands of her private practice became too rigorous.
Lana is a firm believer in biochemical individuality and custom­designed interventions based on the person’s ancestry, lifestyle, dietary and exercise habits, stress levels, and prevalent deficiencies. The main focus of her practice is on identifying the true cause of the imbalance, not suppressing or treating the symptoms. To further help with that, she interned with Dr. John Stebbins and learned Applied Kineseology and Natural Allergy Elimination/Reduction technique that has since proved invaluable in helping to identify hidden health hindrances.
Lana uses a combination of food therapy, supplement and herbal therapies and energetic balancing specifically designed for her clients optimal health support. She takes time to know her clients and is diligent in searching for answers and connections while helping her clients to find an optimal most efficient path to true health. True health is freedom from limitations. Lana believes without any in our bodies God’s given ability to heal themselves. If the body is not healing there has to be an obstacle, lack of communication, or an energetic block. Identifying and removing those opens an opportunity for the body to do what it does best – to heal.
Lana does not diagnose or treat medical conditions or diseases, her main focus is on removing blocks and obstacles of healing. Her clients over the last decade include people suffering from gastrointestinal complaints, autoimmune disorders, hormonal/endocrine imbalances, and many others. Time after time again we see that if you provide the incredible machine we call our body with everything it needs, it does an amazing job balancing and healing itself.

Your first visit:
Expect your first visit to last 60 -75 minutes. Lana will ask you a lot of questions relating to your health and do appropriate in-office testing to determine best course of action. The tests employed at the office are Functional Leukocyte Observation (or temperature controlled blood microscopy), Computerized Iridology, Computerized Energetic Scans utilizing Asyra, and Applied Kineseology. We might also recommend Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Saliva Hormone Panel if appropriate. If you have had testing done in the past two years, please bring in those results. Also please bring in all the supplements and medications you are currently taking. Subsequent visits last between 30 – 60 minutes.
During your visit you will receive Lana’s undivided attention and enough time to answer your questions and to provide solutions. This approach enables you to make informed decisions.  Lana believes that your health education is the key to better choices for health and healing.  She is tenacious in finding the cause of your illness and the solutions that work best for you. Complete health depends on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance.  If you are out of balance in any of these spheres, lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise modifications, may be necessary to bring you back into balance. Lana will meet you at your comfort level and readiness with our treatment options and help you progress at your own pace to regain your health.  Some of your issues took years to develop and won’t completely disappear in a few days.  Long term health issues may take time to resolve so please be patient and gentle with yourself.