Why should I get my heart sounds recorded?

The heart is the most hard-working and least-complaining organ in the body. It beats about a 100,000 times a day. When it stops we expire. Being such a hard-working organ it has an elevated need for very specific nutrients. Wouldn’t it make sense to provide optimal amounts of nutrients to our heart to make sure it does not wear out prematurely?

What is the heart sound recorder going to show me?

HSR measures Rate, Rhythm and Tone of the heart muscle. Anything less than ideal in those three variables in an indication of potential nutritional deficiencies (a starving heart) and are easily correctable most of the time.

How often should I have my heart sounds recorded?

It completely depends on the results of the heart sound recording. The recommendations vary from 2-week to 6-months follow-ups.

What is the price?

$60 includes the heart sound recorder, interpretation and consultation on the topic of appropriate diet, lifestyle measures and supplements to help strengthen the heart.